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Filip Hrgovic against David Haye! arranged sparring !!!!!!!!!!

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The best Croatian boxer Filip Hrgovic failed to win a placement at the Olympic Games, but London still has him tried as an important station in heavyweight boxing career.

Croatian champions not only ninth June in the British capital awaiting final boxing match of the World Series against Ruslana Kazakhstanian Mirzatajeva, but will in a few weeks ago in London to test the power strokes of the former World Heavyweight Champion David Haye.

WSB team boss Filip's Paris United Brahim Asloum is arranged sparring with Haye, who is preparing for a July match against Chisora ​​- said Hrgović's Pijetraj coach Leonardo, adding to the professional-amateur clash could happen as early as next week.

At the same time, there was an unexpected withdrawal of Italian Clemente Russo appearances in the finals of the WSB-heavyweight, and will be a rival Hrgović's fifth plasmans on an individual scale, Kazakhstan Ruslan Mirzatajev.
I suspected the injury Russo, because in two years has not missed a single performance, but we prefer Mirzatajev style. I look forward to and training with David Haye. It will be a new experience for me, intrigued me so I can deal with a professional champion - says 19-year Hrgovic, that on the basis of eventual victory in the WSB-in could be invited to the Olympic Games in London.

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